Dance levels (Eng)

Selecting dance levels

You can sign up for the camp on the following 7 dance levels: Beginner, Intermediate and advanced 1+2+3+4+5.  You sign up according to your  level in Cuban salsa from the following description of the levels of Cuban salsa below.  It is a description to guide you to sign up at about the right level, because the names of levels is different from the dance school dance school. At the Camp the instructors will make a final adjustment of the levels, from how they see that you dance.

Level 1:  Beginners:
You are interested to learn to dance Cuban Salsa.

Level 2:  Intermediate:

You have completed the equivalent of approximately 20 hours of intermediate lessons and / or danced salsa for at least 6 months. You are safe in rhythm can vary your dance and are not afraid to work with the body.

Level 3: Advanced 1:

You have completed the equivalent of approximately 40 hours of instruction at beginner and intermediate level and / or dancing salsa at least one year. Now you can dance salsa without “thinking”. The dance starts to flow, you would like to have a larger repertoire

Level 4: Advanced 2:

You have received salsa lessons in 3 seasons corresponding to approximately a total of 60 hours of training and has been dancing salsa for more than eighteen years. You learn very quickly now, and you now have a focus on styling and body work.

Level 5: Advanced 3:

You have received at least 80 hours of classroom lessons, supplemented by courses at festivals etc. You have been dancing salsa for at least 2 years. You are already an experienced dancer who teaches new very fast, and now wants to have complete control over your styling and body work and the incorporation of Afro / Cuban elements.

Level 6. Advanced 4

You are seasoned salsa dancer levels have been dancing salsa for many years and you have mastered the styling and body work. You enjoy being out of demanded such Afro / Cuban elements and want to perfect your dance compared to listen, improvise.

Level 7. Advanced 5
You are masterclass in Cuban salsa. Which means you dominates all dance diciplins in the Cuban salsa and have your focus on to develop your musicality and improvisation in your dance.