How to sign up (Eng)

Cuban Salsa line or Salsa Band line

You can register at either at the Cuban Salsa line or the Salsa Band line and all of 17½ years can participate. Both Danish and foreign participants. The teaching language is English.

There are seats for 225 participants equally divided between women and men distributed by about 2012 participantes on the Cuban Salsa dance line and about 13 on the Salsa Band ensemble line.

Further there is a specieal quata of 65 seats allocated for the Nordic, European and international participants equally diveded between women and men.

How to register

You register by completing the registration form on the front website and by paying a registration fee of 500 DKR. or 70 euro, 8 days after you have received a mail from the school confirming your registration.

With the mail follows a payment account with your student code, that you must use both, when you bank transfer the fee of 500 DKR. and when you transfer the entire course amount to the school. You can register HERE.

Have you bought the T-shirt at 125 DKR. you pay  the T-shirt along with the payment of the registration fee.  (625 DKR. or 90 euro)

Please dont pay the registration fee until you have received the mail with your student code.

Registration deadline the 1st of April 2020
The registration deadline for the payment of the full course amount is the 1st. of April 2019. You are finally registered to the course once you have paid the entire course amount. Your bank transfer is your documentation , that you have paid and are sign up to the Nordic Salsa Camp 2020 – Lets Make Magic!

Withdrawal: If you cancel from the course within 30 days prior to the course start date we will refund you course fee amount minus the registration fee of 500 DKR or 70 euros. If you cancel later than 14 days before the start of the course you will lose the entire course fee. To be sure, that you will have no  risk to lose your money we recommend you to make an insurance. 

Do you have administrative questions about registration, etc. please do not hesitate to contact Brigitte Nielsen (between 9-13), which is our always helpful school’s secretary: Birgitte Nielsen, tel 2060 2678 , email