A heartfult thanks to all of you for an awesome Nordic Salsa Camp 2019

A warm heartfelt thanks from us to all of you 275 – “participants, dance -and music teachers, DJ´s, kitchen -, photo- and bar teams, staff, administration, coordinator team, preparation group and masseurs” – for your super dedicated contribution to make a totally awesome and successful Nordic Salsa Camp 2019 / Lets Play & Innovate – With a lot of fun, playing, connections, innovations, reflections, exchange, laughs, tears, passion and sharing together in a super social culture meeting environment across borders! – Karton!

In your evaluation you gave the Nordic Salsa Camp 2019 a score of 4.6 point, out of 5 points possible, in “participants satisfaction” – Which is the same score as last year and the highest score in the Nordic Salsa Camp history – Further many of you mentioned in your evaluation, that the Camp this year was the best Camp ever because of the high quality of teaching and the good socialand professional environment among the teachers and and among the participants.

Thanks so much for this beautiful and appreciating response! – It gives us a lot of good feelings, energy and courage to try to make an even better Camp in 2020, where we will celebrate the 15th years anniversary of the Nordic Salsa Camp. Agua!

We wish you all a super nice hot summer, and I hope you all will carry with you home in your heart a lot of amazing special moments, experiences, memories and new friendships from the Camp this year, that you can use as inspiration and perspectivation for your development as dancer or musician and to enrich your daily life.

Finally we hope to see a lot of you next year at the Brandbjerg Folk High School in week 28, July 5-11, where we will celebrate the 15th Anniversary of the Nordic Salsa Camp 2020 with a super awesome event and party with the theme!: “Lets Make Magic!”

Put a big X in your calendar!

Date for sign up will be announced on:
www.nordicsalsacamp.dk  / www.salsacampevent.dk &  https://www.facebook.com/groups/648333921886704/

Thanks for all the “flowers” during and after the Camp!  – Karton – Pa mi casa!

You can see all the videos from the Camp here:

Warm Hugs & Hot Summer Greetings

Carl & Mette
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“Cuban Salsa – Connecting People!”


“Lets Make Magic!”
15 anniversary Nordic Salsa Camp 2020 – July 5/11

Put a huge X in your calendar
Information about sign up date will be announced here later this year
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