Postponed to Nordic Salsa Camp 2021 – Lets Make Magic! / July 11-17

Dear All
Then we finally got the new guidelines from the Danish health authorities with the clarification and recommendations on how the folk high schools in Denmark shall reopen in a health-responsible way here during the corona pandemic crisis.

The conclusion is, that we, with great sadness in our hearts, must announce to you, that we have to postpone the Nordic Salsa Camp 2020 – Let’s Make Magic to 2021 from 11-17 July.

The reason is, that it will not be health-wise to conduct Nordic Salsa Camp 2020, as the health authorities’ guidelines recommend, that all teaching and social activities here in the reopening phase of the folk high schools should implicate that the students, teachers and staff  keep a social distance of 1 meter. Further it should not be allowed to have social parties. This is to prevent the risk of infection spreading in a folk high school environment, where there are many people gathered.

We fully support and follow the guidelines of the Health Authorities. The recommendation of keeping a social distance of 1 meter implicate, that we cannot dance in pairs with shifting partners and do social activities with a lot of dance and close physical body contact, which is a core activity on the Camp – Which further is an international course that integrate participants from many countries. Therefore it will not be possible to implement this year’s program in Cuban salsa and the program for social activities with dance and social dance parties. This means that we have to postpone Nordic Salsa Camp to 2021 in week 28, July 7-11.

Next, we  simply do not want to risk to create a situation where, instead of having a super fantastic celebration of the Camp’s 15th anniversary, we could risk a shutdown with subsequent quarantine and health consequences for participants because of a possible outbreak with Corona infection on the Camp.

Program and teachers will in 2021 program be almost the same as this years program, as you can see on However, we will use the time to prepare and create an even more awesome 15 year anniversary program for 2021!

Refund of course fee
We have decided, that we will refund the full course fee back to all of you. We expect to open the new registration for Nordic Salsa Camp 2021 – Let’s Make Magic at the end of the year, when the dance should have started again. We are doing this, because we would like to start a fresh, free of the corona crisis and by giving everyone an equal opportunity to sign up for next year’s celebration of our 15th anniversary with Nordic Salsa Camp 2021 – Let’s Make Magic!

You will receive the refund as soon as possible.

Thank you for your support
We would like to send a warm thanks for your support to Brandbjerg Folk High School  during the corona crisis, where the support from the high school student  association and students as well as the high school staff and the executive board have been a major contributor to the success of Brandbjerg Folk High School to raise the awareness of the Brandbjerg situation in front of the bank and Danish government and avoid bankruptcy due to immediate liquidity challenges.

We are therefore pleased to announce for you, that the Brandbjerg Folk High School succeed to come through  the first challenges of the Corona crisis, due to the crowd funding of more than DKK 400,000, the students’ willingness to maintain your enrollments and the government’s college support packages.

It is also a great pleasure to note that the school’s great progress in recent years continues unsuccessfully despite the Corona crisis and after an overwhelming admission to the autumn courses Brandbjerg now stands with full houses for the rest of the year.

Buy a people share.
The last challenge that remains to solve for Brandbjerg Folk High School is to get rid of old debt, and at the same time secure the college’s maintenance in the long term, so that the school does not again risk being in the same situation.

The Brand Folk High School will solve this challenge by issuing public shares, which have now been sold for more than DKK 500,000. Therefore, we would of course like to encourage those of, you who have the desire and opportunity to support Brandbjerg Folk High School, to purchase a public share and in this way contribute to support a piece of living Danish cultural history. You can read more about public shares here:

We are looking so much forward to seeing as many of you as possible next year for the celebration of the 15th anniversary of the Nordic Salsa Camp 2021 – Let’s Make Magic at the Brandbjerg  Folk High School!

Take good care of yourself and each other – together and at a distance!
Loving and warm greetings

Carl Nielsen, Camp manager
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Mette Øyås Madsen, Camp manager

Nordic Salsa Camp 2021 – Lets Make Magic!

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