Nordic Salsa Camp 2021 – Lets Make Magic! July 11-17

We are looking forward to welcome you to a blast of a celebration of the 15th anniversary of Nordic Salsa Camp 2020 – Lets Make Magic from 11-17 July at Brandbjerg Folk High School – Where we will focus on “the magic moments” in the dance, the music, the cultural meeting and the social gathering in the best Camp style – Which you can just look forward to!

We open the sign up for the Camp on the day of love the 14th of February at 14.00,  in a situation, where the whole world right now is locked down due to of the Corona pandemic.

We do this in confidence of, that the Danish authorities’ Corona vaccination plan will be fulfilled as planed, where all adult citizens in Denmark, who wish to do so, have been vaccinated before the end of June – And that the roll out of the Corona vaccination in the Nordic countries and Northern Europe in June is so far ahead, that the authorities will give the permission, that it is health-sound, that we can hold a Nordic Salsa Camp with about 180 participants from Denmark and abroad, where we can meet again, dance , play, be social and party together.

This might implicate that we shall use a combined “corona vaccine passport and test model”, where the prerequisite for being able to participate in the Camp is, that participants, teachers and staff, when arriving at the Camp, must show a valid Corona vaccine passport or a valid Corona PCR test and take a valid Corona quick test before entering the Camp.

Finally we are open up in the hope of, the it will be possible again in the beginning of July to arrange  business travels with instructors from Cuba.

How the concrete situation and model will be, we will know more about during the spring and as closer we get to the start of the Camp.

We have prepared a preliminary anniversary program, which will be updated during the spring. You can see the preliminary general program for the dance line here and the salsa band line here.

We look forward to introducing you to this year’s team of super talented and dedicated dance instructors, music teachers and culture teachers, which we will present during the spring:

Dance instructors:
Luis Duarte, Jennifer Berger, Yuliet Estrada, Andy Varona, Yanek Revilla, Rohan Brown, Diana Meldgaard, Yohan Corrioso, Karelia Despaigne,  Johanna Andersen, Thomas Nygaard, Steffen Tofthøj, Jeppe Lauritz, Sassan Ito and Tanja Siebert.

Music teachers
Theo Benjamin Hjorth & Rasmus Sejersen.

Teachers culture workshops
Diana Meldgaard, Rasmus Sejersen, Yanek Revilla, Yuliet Estrada, Mette Øyås Madsen, Søren Andersen, Rohan Brown, Thomas Nygaard, Gro Mygind, Yohan Corrioso, Karelia Despaigne, Carl Nielsen, Jeppe Lauritz, Nikolas Rockland, Bo Johansen.

Sign up & Seats
It’s about. 180 seats at the Camp this year, which is distributed with approx. 130 seats for Danish participants and 50 seats for foreign participants. You can sign up on the Cuban salsa dance line or on the Cuban salsa band line.

There are approx. 170 seats on the dance line evenly distributed between men / women (leader / followers) and approx. 10 seats on the band line

You shall this year sign up at the dance line together with a dance partner at the same dance level, where you can basically choose between 6 dance levels: Beginners, intermediate, advance. 1; advance  2; advance.3 and advance. 4.

The advance 4 dancers has further the possibility, when filling out the registration formula, to wish to dance at the advanced 5 level, which is the highest dance level.
Se guide selecting dance levels here

Accommodation & Prices
You can register in double rooms, with a tent, in a caravan, motorhome or as a home resident. Unfortunately we do not have single rooms. If you would rather have a single room, we recommend that you sign up for a double room with a good salsa saw, or you sign up with a tent, caravan or motorhome.

All prices are “All included” (incl. bed linen & towels). This means that you only need money, credit card and mobilepay to buy water, beer, wine and drinks in the Havana Club Bar.
Read more about prices and accommodation here.

Payment & Cancellation
Please note that this year it is possible for you who live abroad to get the full course amount refunded if it is not possible to travel to Denmark when the Camp is held due to Corona restrictions.
Read more about payment and cancellation here.

The food at the Camp
You can look forward to Finn chef and Brandbjerg’s kitchen team will conjure extra with the food this year and you have as usual the opportunity to also sign up as vegetarians or vegans and state if you have lactose, gluten, onion or nut allergy etc.

Transport & FB-Group
We will make a FB-Group where you can coordinate your transport
Read more about transport here

Camp management
The Camp management in 2021 consists of Carl Nielsen and Mette Øyås Madsen.

We look so much forward to meet you all to create a terrific Camp together!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Carl

Best Camp Greetings – See you!
Carl Nielsen
+45 2323 5728 /
Mette Øyås Madsen

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