Nordic Salsa Camp 2021 – Lets Dance & Play Together! – July 11-17

Dear all
Yes, we did it! – First of all, a warm hug and heartful thanks to all of you for a total awesome Nordic Salsa Camp 2021 – Where we made 6 wonderful days in the Dance & Music Bobble-Sky together! – Just amazing! 😊

Secondly thanks, to all you 154 passioned and persistent participants for your contribution to make such a lovely, including, creative and smiling Camp environment with super morning assemblies and parties in the tent and atrium courtyard 😊 In your evaluation you gave the Nordic Salsa Camp 2021 a score of 4.63 points in general participants satisfaction out of 5 points possible – Which is (yes, we have to say it again) the highest score in the Nordic Salsa Camp history! – (The Camp 2019 got 4.58 points) Thanks a lot for this nice response! 😊

Thirdly a special thanks to all our dedicated dance-, music- and culture teachers and DJ´s for doing such a super marvelous teaching, music playing and social integration in the Camp. You were just great!

Andy Varona; Yuliet Estrada; Luis Duarte; Sofia de Endaya; Yohan Corrioso; Yailen Figueroa; Lexys Gonzales; Diana Meldgaard; Thomas Nygaard; Johanna Andersen; Steffen Tofthøj; Heike Müller; Javier Herrera; Anja Stryhn; Sassan Ito; Tanja Siebert; Theo Benjamin Hjorth; Rasmus Sejersen; Bo Johansen; Jesper Andersen; Rasmus Sejersen; Gro Mygind; Dj-Luis; DJ-Øls.

Fourth a big thanks to Birgitte and the school administration staff, Søren and the janitors team, Lone and the cleaning team,  for the very nice reception and service, and a thanks a lot to Finn and the kitchen staff for the super lovely food. The kitchen got a score of 4,35 point out of 5, which also is the highest score ever 😊 Finn and the kitchen staff are delicious!

Fifth a strong thanks to the preparation group, the group of former Brandbjerg Students, the bar team, the photo team and the coordination group of Jørn, Marianne, Dorthe, Christian, Per and John plus Jacob and Søren to assist in making, (together with the school staff) a beautiful decorated and smoothly functioning Camp. Thanks for the great video & all the lovely photos!

Finally a very special thanks to the Brandbjerg School management, Simon Lægsgaard and Majken Graver, for a super cooperation in making the Nordic Salsa Camp 2021 possible.

You can find photos and videos from the Nordic Salsa 2021 on the following link:

And you can follow the situation in Cuba her on the “Cuba News” link:

Hope to see a lot of you next year for the 16th anniversary celebration of the Nordic Salsa Camp 2022, July 10-16!
Thanks for all your positive response, comments and suggestions 😊
Best Camp Greetings with a mega “Karton” and “Jamon”
Carl Nielsen  / +45) 23235728 /
Mette Øyås Madsen

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