Welcome to the Nordic Salsa Camp 2019 – Lets Play & Innovate!

We are looking forward to meet you all for a total awesome Nordic Salsa Camp 2019 with “Cuban Salsa, Passion & Fun” – Added delicious culture workshops and a playful, participatory, sharing and rewarding social environment, where you will meet dedicated salseros from all over the Nordic countries, Germany and England and more.

Common Theme 2019
The common theme for 2019 is: “Lets Play & Innovate”. It is a continuation of last year’s themes with “Lets Connect in 2017” and “Lets Play Together” in 2018, where we in 2019 will take a further step forward and focus on how we can even more develop the connection, play and innovation in the Cuban salsa, music, cultural meeting and the social gathering at the Camp – with the dance and the music as the common focal point.

We are in the process of preparing this year’s program, which will be published during the spring, where the goal traditionally is to make an even better Nordic Salsa Camp 2019 than last year – You can just look forward to enjoy it!

To lift this task, it is with great pleasure, that we can introduce you to this year’s super team of high skilled and socially present dance instructors, music teachers, cultural workshop teachers and DJ´s where you can look forward to meet:

Dance Instructors:
Yuliet Estrada & Nemanja Lazovic, Diana Meldgaard & Yohan Cariosso, Karelia Despaigne & Yorge Armando, Luis Duarte & Jennifer Berger, Johanna Andersen & Thomas Nygaard, Steffen Tofthøj & Trine Brask Kristiansen, Geldys Morales, Rohan Brown, Sassan Ito and Tanja Siebert – and more will be announced

DJ-Leo D´Cuba, DJ-Luis, DJ-Øls

Music teachers:
Theo Benjamin Hjorth, Jakob Johansen og Rasmus Sejersen.

Culture workshops teachers:
Rohan Brown, Jesper Andersen, Diana Meldgaard, Rasmus Sejersen, Yuliet Estrada, Mette Øyås Rasmussen, Thomas Nygaard, Gro Mygind, Yohan Corrioso, Karelia Despaigne and Carl Nielsen.

Dance Line or Salsa Band Line
You can sign up at the salsa dance line or at the salsa band line. There are a total of about 210 seats divided between approx. 196-198 seats on the dance line and approx. 12-14 seats on the Salsa Band line. 60 of the 210 seats are reserved for participants from abroad!

Registration dance levels
You can register for the following 5 dance levels: Intermediate / Advanced 1 / Advanced 2 / Advanced 3 / Advanced 4.  We are further working on creating a beginners level for current and former Brandbjerg High School students. Furthermore, we are working on creating an advanced 5 masterclass level for the most advanced dancers. Registered participants at level advanced 4 can in the registration form mark if they wish to participate at in advanced 5 masterclass. The final selection and composition of advanced 5 masterclass will be made before the course begins.

Equal gender balance and enrollment as pairs at the same level
The goal is to achieve a Nordic Salsa Camp 2019 with an equal gender balance between man / woman (leader / follower) at each dance level. We would therefore recommend that you register with a dance partner at the same dance level – if possible.

You can sign up in a double room, with a tent, a caravan and a camper or as a home participant. Unfortunately, we have no single rooms. If you would rather have had a single room, we recommend that you register for a double room with a good salsa friend, or you register with a tent, caravan or camper. We will make a super “tent camp area” with all the necessary facilities for bathing, changing rooms and socializing.

The Management
The course management consists of Carl Nielsen and Mette Øyås Rasmussen from Brandbjerg Højskole. We look forward to meet you all and to create a terrific Camp together!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Best Camp 2019 greetings – See you!

Carl Nielsen
+45 2323 5728 / cn@webnetmail.dk

Mette Øyås Rasmussen
+ 45 5192 3326 / moe@brandbjerg.dk


Status waitinglist

Dance linie women:
– Waiting list

Dance line men
– Two seats left level 4+5

Salsa Band line
–  One seats left – Student with piano/keybord, trumpet or tres instrument.

See Dance program or download it HERE

See Salsa Band program or download it HERE