Nordic Salsa Camp 2023 – Lets Play & Explore! (July 9-15)

A huge and heartful thanks!
To all of you 220 lovely participants from Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Austria, UK, US and Cuba for your dedicated contributions to make such an amazing, playful, exploring and social including Camp with lots of super good dances and music performance´s, lovely vibes, passion, joyfulness, funny moments, culture meetings, refleksions, connections, smiles and laughter’s – Topped with excellent humor and craziness. It was awesome! – Thanks!

Evaluation & inspiration
Further a warm thanks for your top-top-evaluation with your inspiring comments and proposals for the future improvements of the Nordic Salsa Camps. The 75% of you, which now had filled out the evaluation, gave the Camp a score of 4.54 in your overall participants satisfaction, which is one of the best scores in the Camp history, and better than last year 😊. It makes us both very glad and proud and likewise it fuels us with good energy and inspiration to make an even better Nordic Salsa Camp next year!

Teachers sharing and dedication
A very special and warm thanks for the team of total dedicated and super skilled dance-, music- and culture teachers for doing such a super great and lovely teaching, music playing, culture meeting contribution and social integration at the Camp. You did an amazing job – Gracefully sharing your knowledge, passion & love to all of us. Agua! – Big hugs to:

Heike Müller & Steffen Tofthøj; Sofia de Endaya & Thomas Nygaard; Anneta Kepka & Osbanis Tejeda, Diana Meldgaard & Lexys Gonzalez; Yuliet Estrada & Andy Varona; Diana Rodriguez, Karelia Despaigne & Luis Duarte; Yailen Figuerora & Yohan Carrioso; Tanja Siebert & Lars Kaldewey, Rohan Brown, Marcos Antonio Betancourt , Theo Benjamin Hjorth, Yasser Morejon Pino, Bo Johansen, Jeppe Lauritz, Casper Borch, Mette Øyås Madsen, Anna-Sofie Iversen, Gro Mygind and Jacob Andersen.

Thanks to the MC-Hammer, Rohan Brown, for your always lovely and humorist way to bring us through the evening Camp program. Nice to see, that you also got some new tools for your MC-Toolbox 😉

Thanks to the DJ´s Luis Duarte, Sofia de Endaya & John Øls Andersen for the super great music 😉

Participants Morning assemblies
Thanks to the lovely inspiring participants morning assembly Wednesday and to the former Brandbjerg student´s morning assemblies Friday. A You just Rocks! – Such a nice way to start the day together 🥰 – See links below. Https://

Thanks to the photo-team, Melanie, Daniel, Jonas & Aleksander for the amazing photos and the super awesome all-including musicality video in the very best Nordic Salsa Camp style!
You are welcome to share:…/videos/302920542077105

A big warm thanks to Helle and the kitchen staff for the inspiring and well tasting food. The kitchen raised the score from 4.35 last year to 4.47 this year. But also, the kitchen and Brandbjergs focus on green menu, reduction of meat, sustainability and climate raised several comments and suggestions for the menu and balance between meat and vegetables for next year, which will be transferred to Helle and the Kitchen. 👍

Preparation Group & former Brandbjerg students
Further a big hug and thanks to the 80 people large preparation group, the activist group of former Brandbjerg students and the “Brandbjerg-Trop-Salsa-Group!” for all the support to put up the Camp. You Rocks! ❤️❤️❤️

Bar team & Rheinlænderpolka
And thanks to Mia and the excellent bar crew for the super good drinks, service, bar performances and the Rheinlænderpolka. It was great. (The bar got 4.54 in participants satisfaction)

Camp Coordination Group & School staff
Finally a special thanks to the 2023 Camp Coordination Group of Jørn (Reception), Marianne, Dorthe and Susanne, (Decoration) Christian, Per (Light & Sound) and John (Sound & DJ) Plus Jacob (Assisting Light & Sound) for your great help to make such a beautiful decorated and smoothly functioning Camp.

And at last a special thanks to the Brandbjerg School management, high school staff for an excellent good cooperation. It is such a pleasure to work together with you!

Bo & Bo
And of course, thanks to Bo Johansen for the lovely Camp welcome INTRO ❤️ and to Bo Folmer for the super nice reflecting Camp OUTRO. ❤️
Toolboxes, Hearts & Minds
We hope that all of you participants as well as teachers are bringing a lot of lovely playful, exploring, joyful and inspiring experiences with you back home in your “toolboxes”, hearts and minds, which can be supportive for your further dancing, music, social, professional & personal development.
And of course, we hope to see a lots of you again next year for the Nordic Salsa Camp 2024, July 7-13!

The very best Nordic Salsa Camp Greetings with lots of love ❤️❤️❤️
Carl & Mette
+45) 2323 5728 /

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