Nordic Salsa Camp 2022 – Lets Make Magic! (July 10-16)

We look forward to welcoming you to celebrate an amazing 16 year anniversary of Nordic Salsa Camp 2022 with lots of goodies, surprises and magical moments! – You can just look forward to it.

Lets Make Magic!
The common theme for 2022 will be: “Lets Make Magic!” – where we focus on “The Magic Moments” in dance, music, cultural meetings and social gatherings in the very best Camp style.

We are in the process of preparing a super anniversary program, where the goal is, true to the tradition, that we will try to make an even better Nordic Salsa Camp 2022 than in 2021. You can see the preliminary program for the dance line here and the band line here .
The program will be updated during the spring.

We look forward to present for you this absolutely terrific anniversary team of super talented and dedicated dance instructors, music teachers and culture teachers, where the following teachers have now given their commitment and more will be announced during the spring.

Dance instructors
Andy Varona & Yuliet Estrada; Luis Duarte & Karelia Despaigne; Yohan Corrioso & Yailen Figueroa; Yanek Revilla & Diana Rodriguez; Lexys Gonzalez & Diana Meldgaard; Thomas Nygaard & Johanna Andersen; Steffen Tofthøj & Heike Müller; Javier Herrera; Sassan Ito; Tanja Siebert.

Music teachers
Theo Benjamin Hjorth, Rasmus Sejersen.

There are 200 seats this year, of which approx. 40-50 seats are reserved for foreign participants.
You can sign up for either the dance line or the band line in Cuban salsa.

The dance line
There are about. 188 seats on the dance line – Equally distributed between men & women / leaders & followers.
You must register with a dance partner at the same dance level, where you can choose between the following levels: Beginners, intermediates, advanced 1, advanced 2, advanced 3 and advance 4 (with the option to request a place in advanced 5 masterclass level)

Each level must have a minimum of 12 participants (6 pairs) to be created.

The band line
There is about. 12 places on Salsa Band Line for participants from home and abroad, and you register individually.

You can register in double rooms, with a tent, in a caravan, motorhome or as a home resident. Unfortunately we do not have single rooms. If you would rather have a single room, we recommend that you sign up for a double room with a good salsa friend, or you sign up with a tent, caravan or motorhome. We set up a super “tent camp” with all the necessary facilities for bathing, dressing, coziness and socializing.

The kitchen
You can look forward to Brandbjerg’s kitchen team conjuring up extra food this year, and as usual you have the opportunity to also register as a vegetarian or vegan and state if you have a lactose, gluten, onion or nut allergy, etc.

All prices are “All included” – Ie. You only have to bring money to buy drinks in the Havana Club Bar – You can read more about prices & accommodation here

You pre-register here on the website, after which you will receive an email from Brandbjerg Højskole with information about whether you have been admitted or, if applicable, that you have been placed on a waiting list if there are no places at the dance level you have registered for. Along with the email, there is a bank account information for payment of the registration amount of DKK 500/70 Euro. When you have received confirmation that you have paid the registration amount, you are pre-registered. You must pay the full course amount no later than 1 April, after which you are finally registered for the course.
Read more about registration, payment and cancellation here.

Camp management
The camp management in 2022 consists of Carl Nielsen and Mette Øyås Rasmussen.
We look forward to meeting you all and creating an absolutely terrific Camp together!
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Carl

Best Camp Greetings – See you!
Carl Nielsen
+45 2323 5728 /

Mette Øyås Rasmussen

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