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We are once again presenting a super Cuban salsa band program – “Lets Make Magic! – With focus on to have a magic week with a lot of joy and fun by  meeting and learning to play Cuban salsa together.
Ending with a small band dance concert and performance at the final Gala Party.

The program includes 30 hours of instruction divided by 14 hours of music education in concert and 16 hours in cultural subjects, lectures and morning sessions.

 Salsa Band 8

The band teachers

Rasmus Sejersen: (Guitar & Song)
Teacher at Brandbjerg Folk High School and bandleader of the

Theo Benjamin Hjorth (Piano & keyboard)
Musician and music teacher welknown in the Danish Cuban Salsa music scene, where Theo among others plays in the bands Liga Latina & El Benjamin y la Salsa.

In addition, a number of music loving Cuban instructors will join in and contribute to the party in the rehearsal room and at the final concert at the Gala Party.

 Salsa Band 7

The teaching

You will receive education in technical skills of each instrument, and general knowledge about Cuban ensemble – Origins and styles, etc.

During the week you will rehearse two salsa numbers, that you will play at the small students concert from 17:30  as a prelude before the start of the Gala Party. The two numbers could be a salsa or timba song and a son / cha cha cha song.

If you have a suggestion to a song you would like to play – Please send a mail to Carl:

 Salsa band 3

Criterias for participating in the salsa band

Ensemble includes lessons in singing, blowing, piano, bass, congas, bongos, timbale / drums and percussion (maracas, Guiro, claves).

Criteria and expectations for students is that you rather be:
• have played at least 2-3 years of your instrument
• love to have interaction experience
• have good rhythmic sense
• have knowledge of chords / tablature (Musical knowledge is an advantage)

What matters is that you are ready for a musical challenge tonally and rhythmically

 Salsa Band 2