About Culture Workshops (Eng)

Culture workshops (Tentative)

We are looking forward to present for you a lovely and inspiring culture workshop program with both well known  and new culture workshop themes and teachers:

Morning block
09.25-10.45:  Morning culture workshops (Monday-Friday), where you can choose between the
following workshops every day:

Rasmus Sejersen, Diana Meldgaard, Yanek Revilla, Luis Duarte, Theo Hjorth, Yavier Herrera.

Body awareness, gender, sensuality & sexuality
Mette Øyås Madsen & Yuliet Estrada, Luis Duarte, Karelia Despaigne, Diana Rodriguez m.fl.

Mindful Moving & Play
Rohan Brown

Lets Play Together
Gro Mygind, Thomas Nygaard, Diana Rodriguez

Afro / Orishas Culture & History
Carl Nielsen, Yohan Corrioso, Karelia Despaigne, Andy Varona, Yuliet Estrada, Diana Rodriguez

Afternoon block
Monday /15.00-16.10:
-Let Make Magic! (All)

Tuesday / 14.00-15.00:
(Themes coming up)

Thursday / 14.00-16.45:
(Themes coming up)


Morning assemblies

True to tradition, there is morning assembly every morning from 08:30 to 09:10, as high school teachers and students are to hold. The aim is to create a shared dynamic start to the day, where teachers and students through perspective the main aim of Nordic Salsa Camp 2022 and the theme off this year: “Lets Make Magic”

There is considerable space cope to play with form and content. But overall the morning assemblies  include the following three classic elements:
•  A song
•  A perspective of the theme “Lets Make Magic!
•  Today’s word / reflection

Responsible for the morning assemblies are the teachers and students
08:30 to 09:15 / Monday: Course Management
08:30 to 09:10 / Tuesday-Friday: Students and teachers
09:00 to 10:30 / Saturday: Course Management

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