Prices & Rooms (Eng)

Double room, tent, caravan, camper or home accommodation

At Nordic Salsa Camp 2021 you can choose to be accommodated in double rooms or you can bring your own tent, caravan and camper or choose home accommodation.

Unfortunately we have no single rooms and therefore, we will recommend all of you, that  would have preferred to book a single room, to sign up with a good salsa friend in a double room. – Or you can sign up in a tent, caravan or camper which you bring to the Camp – or sign up with home accommodation.

The double rooms at Brandbjerg are great, with two single beds and a bathroom in all rooms plus ADSL- internet-connection. See more about the rooms and facilities HERE


The prices per person are 5.750  DKK / 770 euro for a double room and 4.850 DKK/660 euro for a tent and home residens. The price for caravan or camper is 4.950 DKK/690 euro. From the 2nd of April the prices raises  with 300 DKK/45 euro  to 6.050 DKK/820 for a double room and  5.150 DKK /690 euro for a tent and home accommodation and 5.250 DKK/735 euro for camper/caravan

The Price is with ALL INCLUDED! – Including bed linens and towels.
You shall
only bring your credit card and money to buy your water, beer, wine, drinks and cocktails in the “Bar La Chispa”.