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Nordic Salsa Camp 2020 – Lets Make Magic is a cooperation between Brandbjerg Folk High School and the culture meeting initiative Salsa Camp Events. The managers of the Camp are High School teacher Mette Øyås Rasmussen and program coordinator Carl Nielsen.

If you have some questions or suggestion to the content of the program please contact:

Carl:   / +45 23235728

Mette Øyås Rasmussen high school teacher and course leader

Mette has been a High School  teacher at Brandbjerg since 2006, where Mette teaches media and guidance students. Mette has taught at Nordic Salsa Camp for the past five years, where Mette among others has develop the culture workshop of Body Culture, Gender, Sensuality & Sexuality with Yuliet Estrada and Carl Nielsen.

Mette has lost his heart to Cuban salsa and the bodily and sensual cultural meeting between the Nordic countries and Cuba. At Campen, in addition to representing the school, Mette will teach the arts, Play, Flirt & Sensuality, together with Yuliet Estrada.

51 92 33 26 or

Carl Nielsen, manager, PR -og program coordinator:

Carl coordinates  the programs off the Nordic Salsa Camp. Carl is active salsa dancer in Aarhus, foundor of the Nordic Salsa Camp in 2006, and director of the culture meeting initiative Salsa Camp Events. Beside the Nordic Salsa Camp, Carls has since 2012 arranged (Nordic) Salsa Camp tours to Cuba.
+ 452323 5728